Sunday, July 8, 2012


total down:30.7

Shots are done but the VLCD continues for 72 hours which means I will still lose a little until the majority of the HCG is out of my system and I start eating for maintenance.  I had lettuce and crab meat salad for lunch and an omelet for dinner.  An apple for one snack and wasa toast for the other.  Down .7 for today.  

I was SO tempted at the grocery store yesterday.  It was a grand reopening sale and there were yummy samples EVERYWHERE!  I didn't touch a single one though.  I have 48 hours left and I can actually start eating more things and more variety, which is what I was shopping for.  It does lead me to believe I have very good will power but I might also be dealing with a food addiction because I am not sure I should be quite so excited about being able to eat.  

Oh well, I am also excited at the ideal that I can start this all over again in a few weeks at which time my goal will be to break that 199 mark!!!  

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