Thursday, August 30, 2012



total lost this round:7.8
total lost over all: 39.1
shots to to go:32

Not really much to say today.  I am actually pretty happy to be zero.  My 3 yr old convinced me to eat some cheetos last night (how do you say no to those little faces?) I also experimented at dinner and tried to have some shirataki noodles for dinner because there has been debate on if they were safe for phase two or not.  I am going to say they are not good for phase two.  (they are a veggie based noodle but apparently one of the five or so that work at this phase. 

Also, I am not exactly surprised to see this plateau because it always seems to happen when I am ever so close to a 'mini' goal. If today goes as planned and I stay on course I will probably drop the 2.1 pounds I need to get under the 'zero' factor.....

We will see....

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