Monday, August 27, 2012


total lost this round:6.4
total lost over all: 37.7
shots to to go:35

Wow I love seeing those numbers!  Yesterday was a little tough.  The hardest thing I find is when I have to cook for the rest of the family.  They had bacon and eggs for dinner. Bacon, really????? Not to mention by the time I was done cooking for all of them I had no desire to cook for myself.  So my food yesterday was not ideal (but apparently still worked)  I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch and basically a handful of bacon for dinner.  I also ate one bread stick, one melba toast, an apple and an orange during the day.  

I think the HCG is finally getting in my system.  I am finding I am not hungry during the day any more.  I also think I have my head in a good place too because I also am not trying to eat just because their is food around.  (I really wonder how much of that is knowing my daughter is having to to learn moderation too.)  

I can't believe I am only 3.6 pounds away from my first mini goal.  

Oh I should add (to make myself accountable) I am trying to add in some walking this time around.  I will start today doing a Walk Away the Pounds dvd. ( I would walk outside but the Hurricane off the coast of Florida seems to be sending storms our way too!) 


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