Sunday, August 26, 2012


total lost this round:4.2
total lost over all: 35.5
shots to to go:36

No shot today, I take Sundays off so I don't build up a tolerance too soon.  Yesterday was a better day.  I am settling in finally I think.  I had grilled shrimp and asparagus for lunch and dinner I actually had ribs and some radishes.  Ribs aren't the best choice but since my little one was under the weather last weekend, which happened to be pay day, so I didn't manage to shop for meat.  I haven't had a chance to restock since then thanks to the issue I had with and my debit card so I am trying to make do with what is in the house until I have a chance to go.  On the upside, I am getting to clean out my freezer!  I am also running out of veggies now so I really need to make it to the store soon.  

I can say I find myself less patient this round.  I really want to see the end of the 40 days just because I am anxious to see just how well I do this time.  ;0)  

Well off to make some coffee and defrost some chicken.  Have a Happy Sunday!

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