Saturday, August 25, 2012


total lost this round:3.1
total lost over all: 34.4
shots to to go:36

I am having a really hard time adjusting this time, although I bet if I go read my first few posts of round 1 they will sound very similar to this.  I seem to remember it took about a week to stop wanting to eat ALL the time.  It seem harder this time because I also have my daughter constantly wanting to eat AND I have to cook really smart meals for the family because of my daughter's recent diagnosis.  

Yesterday I had black coffee, tons of water, lunch was one egg/3whites omelet with tomatoes (and I cheated and added a few onions too) I had two grassini bread sticks an apple and an orange.  I had some hamburger meat and radishes for dinner.  I had gone to the store and was really late eating dinner which caused me to eat a string cheese, I was getting the shakes and I KNEW I did NOT need to drive the way I felt.  I also ate about 3 cheetos.  Let's see if I can make it through today with no cheats. 

I think next week will get easier.  We have been really off schedule since getting back from the hospital but next week all our extra curricular things start back up and we have to start schooling again, so I will hopefully be too busy to worry about food! 

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