Tuesday, August 28, 2012



total lost this round:6
total lost over all: 37.3
shots to to go:34

Well I think I did it to myself.  I was just thinking yesterday that I was due for a setback.  I don't feel like I messed up yesterday but sitting here thinking I ate dinner rather early and ended up so hungry before I went to be that I gave in and ate 3-4 pieces of sliced turkey lunch meat.  (big no no) so as far as set backs go, if I am going to have one, I will take .4 pounds over what it could be ANY DAY!  Today is a new day and I will get back on track.  I was able to buy a little bit of veggies (asparagus is my vegetable of choice on this diet) so that will help.  

Oh just for the record, I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch and dinner was a 3 egg white plus one full egg omelet with onion.  I also had melba toast, breadstick and one apple. I didn't get my second fruit in either.  I must make sure I hit everything today.  

That is all for today, like I said, new day and small set back just allows for a BIG loss tomorrow morning! Have a great day!!!

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