Sunday, October 28, 2012


weight: 219.8

total lost this round:3
total lost over all: 51.3
shots to to go: 16 

 Officially it is 16 to go but I have a few days to play with vacation coming up so I am going to keep going for as long as my HCG holds out or until I risk running phase 3 into our trip, or until I hit my goal.  

I did SO well Thursday and Friday, I was actually down to 218.7, but then last night we went to a Halloween gathering and I caved.  I am honestly mad at myself.  I had said I would allow myself a little variance, the host had tons of healthy veggies that weren't actually on the diet but still at least veggies.   If I had stopped there it would have been ok but no I had to eat the creme cheese dips, sandwich meat and a cup cake.  UGH   OH and not to mention A SMORE! 

I will not beat myself up about it though, I am after all only human, and today is another day.  Back on track and fortunately there will be no social interactions that can give me trouble until I hit very close to the end of phase 3, Thanksgiving.  At least that is phase 3 and I will only have to resist dessert and bread/ starches.  I can handle meat, veggies and fruits!  I will HIT 199 dang it!!!!

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