Thursday, October 25, 2012


weight: 220.2

total lost this round:2.8
total lost over all: 51
shots to to go: 19

Yesterday I had some black coffee for breakfast.  I drank tons of water.  Lunch was a grilled chicken salad with no dressing with an apple.  Dinner was an omelet (3 egg whites and one whole egg) with tomato and asparagus.  I had an apple as a snack.  

Over all it is getting easier again.  I don't sit around starving but I am finding psychologically I am missing the food.  I have been in a very bad mood and I KNOW it is because I don't have my go to drug to comfort me (food).  This too will pass.  

My only complaint today is how is it I can weigh at night and be down 1.8 pounds, go to bed and wake up only .09 down??  I know I should just not weight at night but it helps keep me from cheating during that lazy time of television viewing in the evening. 


  1. I find psychologically missing food is the worst!!!