Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am back!

Sorry I was gone for a bit, there isn't much to say when I am in round three and life got busy.  So now I am back, I am in Round 3 phase2 Day 4.  I started at 222.9 with an ultimate goal weight of 165 but for this round I am just trying to hit 199.  

I actually ended up going up to 228.2 while loading which I am going to assume means I did it right. Now I am on day 2 of my very low calorie days and I am down 3.3 pounds!  I am happy to see such a big number because I stuck 100% to protocol and I was HUNGRY last night.  The first couple of days while your body adjust do tend to be that way.  I can handle it this time, I am only doing a short round so I only have 3 weeks to lose 24.9 more pounds.  I wanted to get one more round in before the holidays and my vacation comes up and this puts me ending the P3 just days after Thanksgiving.  I can manage that.  I will be so upset if I come 2 or 3 pounds short of breaking that 200 barrier but that close it better than NOT getting that close!

That is it for now, time to get my first glass of water of the morning and get my shot ready. 

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