Tuesday, October 30, 2012


weight: 216.5

total lost this round:6.3
total lost over all: 54.7
shots to to go: 17

Yesterday was such a challenge.  A self inflicted challenge, but a challenge none the less. With Sandy blowing through, even though we didn't get hit temps did bottom out and my family was in need of comfort food so I made my 'famous' chicken and pastry.  Even if I must say it myself my chicken and pastry ROCKS!  However I did totally resist.  I ate a small bit of the chicken but avoided the pastry and sauce as much as possible. It was worth the 'sacrifice' since I am down 2 pounds today!!   

So for what I did eat, I had left over steak for lunch with some more onions and for dinner I basically ate a little of the chicken from the pastry but I am not sure what I had for veggie with that chicken.  I did snack on two apples through the day and some celery.  

Tonight I will be making beef stew for dinner. (Tomorrow might be tough too since it is Halloween but not as hard as the food challenges.) So I will be working hard to avoid the meal again.  Here's hoping tomorrow has just as wonderful results.  I have 16.6 pounds to go... LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

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