Friday, October 26, 2012


weight: 219.4

total lost this round:3.7
total lost over all: 51.8
shots to to go: 18

Lunch yesterday was crab legs and salad.  Dinner was marinated chicken breast and asparagus.  I was very proud of myself because I made homemade pizza for the kids for dinner, which is the only kind of pizza I actually like, and I resisted every temptation.  I stuck totally to protocol so I am a little disappointed that I don't have a bigger lost, I know everyday can't be huge but just I suffered a lot last night so I was just optimistic, you know??  Anyway, I will take .9.  I also think crab legs might not be as safe as they say they are so I am going to avoid them for the rest of this round.  Off to do my grocery shopping.

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