Wednesday, March 2, 2016

quick post just for Kassie ;)

The last two days have been really busy.  Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I have been perfectly on protocol the last 2 days but even so I had a small .6 lb increase yesterday.  I was down today but only by .4.    I am not discouraged, I think it is more because I didn't get enough water.  I am deep in ketosis and have actually been having to force myself to eat, so I know the HCG is working.

Here is hoping for a HUGE loss tomorrow as I have been perfectly on protocol AND drank a TON of water.

Oh in unrelated news, I am officially out of my boot from where I fell on my foot back in Nov.  I saw the xray and it is still not totally healed but the doc said it is looking good.  Apparently, my break was worse than most of that kind of break.

 Ok, wish me luck on the scale in the morning.

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  1. You got this!!!! You will do amazing in the morning!!!