Friday, March 4, 2016

R1 P2 D11

weight: 259.8
Down: .2
total lost this round: 12.4
total lost over all: 12.4

Today was another low number.  errrrr I am ok though.  My HCG app kept asking me yesterday and today if I was going to do an 'apple day' so I decided what the heck, might as well.  SOOOO since noon today I have only had 3 apples.   I sat at Freddy's (think Steak n shake but BETTER)  and all I ate was an apple!  I am very proud of myself.  

I am a little worried about the next couple of days.  I have to go to Savannah (yes Kassie, why did you have to move, you could have come watched my kiddo compete but NOOOO you had to go to Germany, lol)   Anyway, I know I CAN be good, it is just a matter of getting the food I need when I need it and hope the people I am staying with aren't offended when I don't want to eat what she cooks.    

So don't get upset if I don't post the next two days, I am not going to have much to say because I don't trust using different scales and I don't plan on bringing my computer.   

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