Thursday, March 3, 2016

R1 P2 D10

weight: 260.0
Down: 2.6
total lost this round: 12.2
total lost over all: 12.2

Ok, I well make a real post today.  The last few days have been sooooo busy I just haven't had time.  I haven't had any really bad days but I did have a couple that annoyed me.  I have stayed 100% on point with my eating.  I haven't even licked my fingers when I got Nutella on the making sandwiches for the kids!  SO when I was actually UP .6 3 days ago I was really annoyed.  The next day I was down but only by .4.  So it is really nice to see I am back on track today and I think this 2.6 kind of evens things out.  I mean 12 pounds in 9 days isn't anything to get upset about, right?  

So I am pretty sure water was the culprit.  I realized I had not had nearly enough of it.  Today actually I think I could be down a little more but that nasty I can't seem to 'go' issue is rearing it's ugly head!  I had steak with mushrooms for dinner and I think that is the cause of the problem.  I think that means tomorrow should be even better. 

I do think I might need to break out a cook book.  Getting a little tired of my rotation of meal choices.  I still have 20 days to go on this round, can't drop the ball now.  I mean 12 pounds the first 9 days, even if I only lost .5 every day from here on out we are talking another 10 pounds or so, right?  I will take 22 but my goal is 25 so lets hope I don't have any more stalls and I can lose at least 1 pound a day!


  1. That is awesome!!!! You can totally hit 25lbs before the end of this round!!!

    And the not pooping is down right annoying!!! Been there, done that!

  2. Since you said you are in ketosis do you have the nasty mouth taste? Because I do and it sucks!!! I am so ready for the part to be over

  3. My mouth is dry but no nasty taste, I do however think I have strange smell. I could do with out that!....I just realized I need to redo my lilyslim ticker.