Monday, March 7, 2016


weight: 257.0
Down: 1.6
total lost this round: 15.2
total lost over all: 15.2

Ok so 1.6 is nothing to shake a stick at but it has been a couple of days,dang it it should have been more.  I went on a road trip and was PERFECT, I didn't cheat ONCE even when I was driving and exhausted.   I do think I might not have had enough water so maybe tomorrow will be a really big number if I get all my water plus more today.   I know I should be happy I mean I am over halfway to my goal and I still have 16 days to go but still, it gets easy to get frustrated.  The good thing those is frustration doesn't make me automatically want to shove food in my face like it usually would. 

All that said, I can say I had some one who doesn't know I am working so hard ask if I had been losing weight.  She said she could tell so that was nice, nice to know my hard work is paying off and people can see it.   

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