Thursday, February 25, 2016

R1P2D3 the day the dietbet began

weight: 268.8
Down: .8
total lost this round: 4.8
total lost over all: 4.8

I am totally not surprised with today's results.  Not that .8 is anything to be upset about but several factors come into play on why I think it wasn't more.  First of all, there is no way I can expect to lose close to 4 pounds every day.  As long as I am losing, I am happy.  Not to mention I am still at better than 2lbs a day so far.  If this was to keep up that would mean I could lose 60lbs by the time I finish this one 30 day round.  I really don't expect that to be happy.  Would I LIKE it too?  SURE of course I would but I will be happy if I can finish this first round down 30.  Another factor is that yesterday was HARD, I was really hungry from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep.  I didn't have any terrible cravings or anything but I was just HUNGRY. I had 'miracle' noodles with chicken and a little tomato sauce for lunch, an apple for a snack and then some lean beef with onions for dinner.  I was still hungry so I ended up having a little of the roast chicken I had made for the family for dinner.  
The final factor would probably be the miracle noodles themselves.  I mean like HCG Chica says they are basically the nutritional equivalent of cardboard.  It is all fiber and sometimes takes a minute to leave the body.  

I woke up feeling a little less hungry this morning.  The head ache is still there so I have had another cup of black coffee.  I am hoping the headache leaves soon.  

The last thing I wanted to talk about today is Dietbet.  I have finally broken down and signed up for one with the some other members of my travel agency.  I have 4 weeks to lose 4% of my weight, according to my weigh in this morning that means 10.8lbs.   I actually hope they don't red flag me or something if they think I am losing too much for it to be legit!   The pot last I looked was up to $140 and if I understand it correctly, everyone who loses at least 4% will divided that up at the end. 

So that is it for my ramblings for today.  Two days of VLCD's down 28 to go......I can do this, right?   


  1. I worry about the same thing with dietbets lol!!! I would do one now but come on no one would believe I lost 50lbs a month (not that I think I will actually lose that much just saying!!!)

  2. Stupid thing only let me post half my comment!!! I hope your headache dies down soon!!!
    Can you have rotisserie chicken? Just wondering!!! I am buying Jeff a rotisserie for his birthday and my mouth is watering at the thought! Lol

    1. and the day the dietbet ended. I read the rules and they would have disqualified me if I lose too much during the time. The little cash prize would have been nice but I much rather lose more than 12% in 4 weeks than worry so I had them refund my money.
      The chicken I cooked yesterday was kind of like rotisserie, I personally think it is ok. So I am having the leftovers for dinner although mine was cooked skin on so it might be questionable. I think I am ok. though. So far today I haven't been starving at all. I have had that empty belly feeling but honestly my belly HAS been empty so it is to be expected!