Saturday, March 5, 2016


weight: 258.6
Down: 1.2
total lost this round: 13.6
total lost over all: 13.6

Ok, so I am not complaining but geesh after a day of just 5 apples I would have thought it would have been more!  Oh well, at least it was a good loss and really I have 18 days to lose 10.6 pounds which will make is my goal of 25.6 pounds down from this round.  

I will say I will be more appreciative of the food I CAN eat now!!

Ok, have to pack up and hit the road today so I wont be weighing again until Monday.  Fingers crossed I don't mess this up.  I usually HAVE to have some kind of junk to keep me going in the car but I am going to bring some Extra sugar free gum (if it is good enough for the biggest loser it should be good enough for me, right?????  

1 comment:

  1. I've gotta say, you exhibited fantastic willpower, especially considering how much junk food was traveling around that car. I know you said there is less hunger now, but still...we are creatures of habit, and I know road trips equal munching on junk. You didn't fall into old did great! Inspiring.