Sunday, February 28, 2016

Round 1 phase 2 Day 6

weight: 264
Down: 1
total lost this round: 9
total lost over all: 9

Sorry kind of took the weekend off.  I know I know usually I do that when I have had a few bad days but no, not this time.  Just too busy to really take the time.   I am actually doing pretty well.  As you can see I am down 9 pounds in 5 days (cause today is actually the 6th day)   Best part is the ravenous hunger is GONE.  I am actually having trouble eating the amount of food I was supposed to eat for lunch today so I think that is awesome.   

Not too much else to add right now.  OH I will say my heart grew a few sizes this weekend when my 11 year old daughter told me 'mommy I can tell already' and she pointed right to the area I am noticing change in.  I usually have crazy stomach bloat but that is the first place I seem to be seeing change.   I really need to do measurements, I will try my best to get that done in the morning and add it to tomorrow's post.  Now where is that measuring tape? 

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