Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well I am having serious 'technical difficulties'.  I have two means of weighing in my house and neither of them seems to be accurate.  They both agree I am losing so I am going to go with that but I just have now clue what I actually weigh and therefore not sure how much I am actually losing.   

I have a doctor's appointment today so I can kind of compare their scale to mine and figure which one is closer to right and I am also going to pick up a 9volt battery for the one I want to be right (because it is much more convenient to use)

So all that to say I am down anywhere from 6-16 pounds since yesterday, depending on which scale you look at, and neither of those totals seem within the realm of possibility!  

HOPEFULLY, tomorrow I will have a better idea of an actual weight.  

In the mean time, I ate a little more yesterday.   Around 5pm I wasn't really so much 'starving' or anything but I had the WORST headache. It is trying to start up again.  I think it is related to the 100% reduction in carbs and caffeine. 

I made some really good shrimp for dinner.  I ground up the little cracker/toast that is  allowed, dipped the shrimp in one egg lightly scrambled and then sprinkled the crumbs over as a coating.  It gave the shrimp just a little crunch and was perfect.  I also put cauliflower in the food processor and steamed in the microwave for 'rice'.  It was not only a tasty meal but also very filling. 

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