Tuesday, April 21, 2015


starting weight:272
todays weight: 267.0
total lost this round: 5
total lost over all: 5

I have to say that weight for today is really kind of an estimate.  I can't get my scale to give me the same weight twice.  It is now trying to say I am like 254 which would mean like 16 pounds since yesterday which is totally impossible so I am going with the first weight I saw which turns out is the most realistic of all the numbers I got.  It really sucks because this is a brand new scale and I put new batteries in it this morning when it started acting up!  I have an actual doctor's appointment tomorrow so I am going to see what their scale says and us it to figure mine out. 

Anyway, yesterday was kind of tough.  I am not sure if I was really hungry or just mentally hungry but there were times I would totally eat your arm had someone come close enough.  I am giving it a few days to really get working but if this hunger doesn't go away I am going to have to adjust my dose a little.  

I had a protein shake for breakfast, an apple for a snack.  Lunch was 3oz of shrimp stir fried with bokchoy and a zero everything salad dressing.  I did have a square of melba toast with it just for some 'crunch' in my day.   Then dinner was 3oz of chicken with miracle noodles in tomato sauce.   

I did go to be pretty hungry and I am now that I am waking up I am getting pretty hungry so I might have some eggs this morning and save the shake for a little later.  I know I missed one of my fruits yesterday but I was figuring the shake took the place of the second fruit.  

Ok off to face day 2.....wish me luck  (of for the record, the little touch of hunger-TOTALLY worth it to see those pounds come off!!)  

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