Wednesday, February 24, 2016

R1P2D2 The day the day I broke out the black coffee

weight: 269.6
Down: 3.6
total lost this round: 4
total lost over all: 4

Day one was actually not so bad.  I had a nice lean steak salad for lunch with and orange and then for dinner I sautéed some chicken and put it with some cabbage. 

I am very proud of myself, I didn't cheat at all and well I guess it shows with that nice almost 4 pound loss.  I even got in all the water I am supposed to get.  

Today however is already starting as a struggle. I know day two can be more difficult.  Last night I started getting a REALLY bad headache.  I think it has to be from going cold turkey from sugar and caffeine.  I woke up today with HORRIBLE headache pain and also really hungry!  I decided to try to ease both issues with a cup of coffee BUT yes I am drinking it black.   

I WILL look good in a bathing suit for my cruise!  I will NOT fail this time!!!!

That said I will be very happy to grocery shop tomorrow, cause man we are low on EVERYTHING!

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  1. When I had to go on my 10 day (which turned into 15 days) liquid diet day 2-3 were the absolute worse with that caffeine detox headache!!! I feel for ya!!! But remember it gets better!!!!