Monday, July 25, 2011

17 day diet...

So I am starting this 'lifestyle' change today following this_book by dr. Mike Moreno and featured on the show the Doctors.
It is based on 17 day cycles, I will go into more detail next time because my son has his 2 yr well check this morning but here are my stats so far....

Weight:261.5 (absolute highest weight EVER!) if it matters today is also day on of something else :X

Warm lemon water (gag) done
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms and grape tomatoes
Water: so far I have had 32 oz.

Exercise: 18 minutes on the wii. Advanced step, rhythmic boxing, island run and hula hoop. Yes, as a matter of fact my heart rate is up and I was sweating!! (for anyone how doesn't know about this plan, he actually only tells you to do 17 minutes of exercise in this beginning cycle-I am sure the more you do the more you will lose but o just wanted to be sure I got the min in before my busy day starts!)

Ok so off to shower and get kiddos ready......time to start the day!

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