Friday, September 9, 2011


woot, down 2 lbs this morning for a grand total since starting of 9.7.  I really hate I let myself gain almost three pounds over the Labor day weekend or I would be down more like 14 by now!  No sense crying over split milk though, wont get those pounds back so I am going to be happy that I have hit the next zero on the scale, by tomorrow I should(WILL) be below and working on the next 10 pounds to whittle away until I get to my ultimate goal.  According to the Wii I should be aiming at an ultimate goal of 145.1.  I can't even imagine that.  Not that I think it is such an unattainable goal but the last time I got below like one 170 I started looking SICK.  So for now my long term goal is just to get under 200....199 here I come!!! 

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  1. I hear ya! According to the "experts", for my height I should be around 125-130lbs. NO WAY! My goal is 150lbs cause any smaller and I'd look anorexic! Great job on the down 9.7lbs!