Tuesday, September 6, 2011

catching up....

so it seems I can diet or I can blog, I choose diet!  SO I am going to update maybe weekly on this blog unless I have significant information to share.  As of today I am trying to do the 17day diet but had a bad weekend with Labor day and all.  So I am considering tomorrow (well today it is after midnight) Cycle 1 day 1 and rebooting myself.  
Also I have been going to Curves for work outs.  I had a free week that they offer on their website (www.curves.com, check it out!) and then I have a Groupon for a month membership.  I figure by then the weather will have cooled off enough that I will be able to get back to walking.  I swear, the more I hear of friends who run the more I want to run.  I think I am making a short term goal of running a 5 k by the end of the year.  I guess I have to find one to run first!!! Ok so realistically I probably will be walking the first one but eventually I WILL run one!!!!!!  

Oh so as of last Friday I was down 8 pounds, I know I gained over the weekend but I am trying to reel myself back in so I can get back to losing. 

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  1. Run your own if you can find one. Pull up a tracking site (dailymile has one) and plug in your own route :)