Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2

Sell I did really well with the exercise yesterday. I walked 1.6 miles in 38 minutes while pushing 80 lbs of kids in the stroller in about 85 degree very humid weather.

I didn't do quite as well in the food department, I did a lot of snacking. I think it is one downfall to being a stay at home mom but I am working on it.

The good news is I weighed myself and was down .9 lbs not much but it was enough to help me make. Y goal on the wii fit which hasn't happened in a very long time!

I didn't track my water but I did drink it all day. I did break down and had some coffee. My body is obviously addicted to it because I was hurting, baaaddd before I caved and had some.

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