Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starting today! (how many times have I said that?)

I guess I have realized that I don't have a fairy Godmother and no one is going to come hold my hAnd and make me do this(unless I pay them to which I cant do) so it is all up to me. My weight gain is actually kind of worry g me this time because I have gained in places I never have before, what is that? I am so blown up I look about 8 months pregnant!

Anyway I digress! My plan is to start out today by watching more closely what I eat. As horrifying as it may seem this is going to include removing coffee from my diet. I know coffee. Doesn't have to be bad for you but I can't drink it with out like a cup of sugar and a ton of cream so it is better I just remove it and maybe give myself like a once a week treat. I think I am going to try spark again. I used to post with them and it was nice to get rewards for staying on task.

food: track and watch what I eat.
Water: drink 80 oz a day
Exercise: Mon/Wed/Fri I will walk in my neighborhood. I am going to work up to 9 + miles per week
Tues/Thurs kettle bells at home (or other in home workout)

Now the icky part

Thighs(l): 28

I will weigh in weekly but take measurements only once a month. Now....for a starting picture......

(excuse the awkward angle, my 6 yr old had to take the picture for me)


  1. WOW! You carry your weight well! I would NEVER guess from that pic that you were 250+! And I'd love to hold your hand through it. You wouldn't have to pay me, just move to Canada ;)

  2. Sam I am always surprised that I weigh as much as I do. I have always said I have some backwards anorexia because I always think I weigh less than I actually do!

    Thanks for the hand holding offer, I would LOVE to move to Canada, the mean time I will settle for a virtual hand! ;0)