Monday, February 28, 2011

being accountable to myself....

so I didn't get to put my mile walk in today but I will say I did ok with food.  I had half an English muffin for breakfast (not trying to be all 'noble' just so busy feeding the kids it was all I got around to) lunch was a piece of salmon and dinner was some chicken gnocchi I made with the Philadelphia cream cheese cooking sauce stuff they recently introduced.  I didn't even eat much of that but it really filled me up. Oh wait I also had a little salad with that, so that probably helped.  Right now my head says go snack and my belly is saying WHOOOO no way woman!  (that never happens. lol  


  1. No snaaaaaaaaaaack! Hopefully you'll be hungry again in the morning. I know what a great "I did good" feeling that is :)

  2. I have to eat gnocchi more often, I am STILL full! no desire to snack. :)

  3. i totally gave in and ate a snack but i was just so hungry =(

    i'm so proud of you though!!!