Thursday, March 17, 2011

friday weigh in(on Thursday)

Since I don't know if I will be near a scale for the nextt few days I wanted to go ahead and weigh today to hoopefully motivate myself to stay on track for the weekend. I am happy to report it worked! I am down below that stinking 2 pounds I keep fighting with!! My weight today is 252.2. It isn't a huge loss since last week but it still feels like a win to me!(2 pounds since last week but in between I had gained to it is actually a bit of a bigger loss than it appears!)
I also did pretty well with my mini goal of no snacks after dinner and I am even finding myself not looking for snacks as much now. I wasn't quite as good with the water but I have been drinking more just not quite as much more as I would like. SO..
for the weekend my goal is just not tto over indulge and to continue working on the water. Hopefuly I will be back Monday with more good news.
Happy St. Patrick's day!!!
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