Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Losing it day one

So I decided to start a seperate thread for my weight loss journey so if you are only interested in the kids you don't have to read all my whining about being so fat!  Here goes....

 I am officially dating today as day one.  As I already posted I weighed in today at 257.7 lbs the MOST I have ever weighed even at 9 months pregnant I wasn't this much.  So my journey begins. 

I did have twizzlers today BUT I got a small work out in and I have not snacked since 8 pm.  (I think I stopped eating sooner than 8 but I know I haven't had anything since then!) 

It is my plan to weigh in once a week at least and post my results here.  I also hope to post daily what I do that day to keep my self accountable.  I have to commit this time, I did so good last year but somehow fell far off the wagon when the weather got cold so I am getting it together.  We plan on camping at the beach a lot this summer and I don't want to be an embarrassment!!!! 
My short term goal is one pound this week, no late snacks and exercise at least three times this week.  My slightly longer goal is to lose 10 pounds when I do I get to treat myself to a spa haircut.  Come on pounds!!!!! 

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